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So I just picked up a new yz450f and i know nothing about 4 strokes at all. can i get some basic info like how often to change oil, what oil you use, any other things i might need to know about it that i may not know. what about break in, i took it out ridding last night and didn't realy pin it just kinda chugged it along a little no more than half-3/4 throttle.

You have the standard break-in procedure stated in your manual. And then you have the Motoman break-in procedure located here:

As for changing oil, the manual shows you the three locations you need to worry about. Also as an FYI, make sure you unscrew the oil check plug prior to draining the oil, or it won't come out as well. Also, you may want to take off the water pump guard (the little plastic thing on the right side by the brake) if you're changing your oil filter. And as always, remove the glide plate, because it tends to catch leaking oil when you drain it, which isn't a good thing.

i kinda did the motoman break-in on the track last night so i should be good to go. i let it warm up did 3 moto's between 10-15 minutes with a 10-15 minute break between them. im going to pull it apart tonight and grease the linkage and steering bearings.

Yep, grease steering stem bearings, wheel bearings, and linkage bearings. As for break in, I just followed the manual break in as close as I could. I use Yamalube oil, because it's all my Yamaha dealer had...whatta you know?!

As for my stock sucked. So I changed the pilot out with a 48 and it's running much better for me, as it was popping A LOT on decel.

I would invest in a new chain if I was you, or run the stock one, then invest in new chain and sprockets while your at it; other than that it's a great bike.

the chain stretched out like crazy

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