Clarification on the throttle stop....

There seem to be mixed opinions on whether too short of a throttle stop will actually cause problems or not, especially on the FCR2 carbs. If you want a definite solution, a YZ426 throttle stop is available and I'm pretty confident its the same between 2000 and 2001. The 2000 YZ426 part number is 5JG-14591-00 and costs about $8.00.


I am new to the WR's and I picked up the new 426. I have read a lot of good things about this bike and have learned a lot from this web site. I hope this question is not too repetitive. I'm still learning about the 4-strokes....

I have read about cutting the throttle stop down, different posts say to cut it down to different lengths, and so I was unsure. I took my bike to the local dealer and they simply removed the entire stop. Some posts say this will screw up the top end (something about the TPS getting goofed up...). I have ridden the bike since the stop was removed and haven't noticed any drop off or power loss on the top end. It still pulls hard and strong for climbing hills. I should be hitting the dunes soon to really test it.

My question is: If the TPS is getting confused what would the top end be like? Should it really drop off, cut out, cough and sputter, rev limiter type stuff??

Mine 'seems' to run fine, but I don't have any friends that have WR's or YZ-F's to compare with.

Does the YZ-F have a stop? If so, can I order one of those and put it in?

Thanks for the help.


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