Handlebar vibration on 650L

I have also considered the birdshot/buckshot idea.

With my Moose handguards, I'd just remove one side, tilt the bike over, pour in the shot leaving enough room for the handguard mount, then re-isntall the handguard.

If it is too heavy, just reverse the process....no damage done or anything other than pocked change to try it out. Personally, I do not think the weight would be noticeable.

Yeah, you could try that. That’s not the same thing however. Sounds like you’re gonna fill the entire bar with birdshot. That would be heaver than the silicon center with the birdshot only at the ends and you may find it’s less effective, don’t know... Please post your results if ya do it!

One idea I've toyed with is to pre-mix the birdshot and caulk, then squirt it into the bars. Not exactly removable tho. Maybe if you made a round paper form the same diameter as the ID of your bars, you could just slip the cured mix into the end, like a DIY bar snake.

(insert your own trouser snake joke here)

Pretty much any anti-vibe solution is going to be hefty. Look at the FAAST solution -- it's a big-a$$ hunk of brass.

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