Looking for stock '06 header

I have bent my stock header and was wondering if anyone is selling a used '06 header that they have replaced with an aftermarket header?


i have one. Make an offer.

I sent you a PM.

I have one. why buy a stock header when you could buy a stainless steel powerbomb from FMF, or the megabomb....even better bottom to mid power!

At this point I'm still learning how to use the power I already have so the stocker is perfect for me. Albertabigdog, are you interested in selling your stocker?


I also need a 2006 YZ450F Stock Header bad, I bent mine up pretty bad. How much would you like for your guys? Please repost ASAP and let me know if you have paypal.

Yes I do. I also have the silencer. I rode the thing about two months or so. Once a week. It's pretty new. I'm not sure what a good price is for it, but I'll sell it. Let me know how to arrange this. By the way, I'm very new to the four strokes, and I'm not sure about the aftermarket exhaust. If you are more experienced with these things, I sure would appreciate it. The Pro Circuit pipe doesn't have a clamp between the header and silencer, and the header slides into the silencer. There is play there. Is there any way to fix this problem? I used High Temp RTV under the stock "gasket" device already in place. I'm thinking that these bikes get too hot for that. Is there any way to seal it? Also, the head pipe is two pieces, which are also loose. Is there any way to seal that? I'm not sure the temp difference between the head and midpipe, but I'm guessing it's pretty substantial.

OK, I know that was alot of garble, but if you could help, I'd appreciate it. If this is normal for aftermarket exhaust systems, let me know, but I'm thinking that this will affect performance.

I live in central California just so you know.


Whoa, I didn't make myself clear. The RTV was how I sealed the 2-strokes in the past. Worked great, but I still think it will burn off on a four stroke. The reason I asked is because I heard somebody on this site refer to "sealing and exhaust system". Thanks.

yz250fmx22y, Hey man, I think I sent you a PM, but I'm not sure. If you don't get one, I did receive yours. Give me a way to contact you if you still need a pipe. Sorry, I'm really lost on this thing.

Bluestreak450, If yz250fmx22y doesn't need it, I'm still looking.


I'll give that a try. Thanks.

ebay...item number: 150006857885

it's not mine....

I sent you a message.

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