Longhorn Adjustable Triple Clamps - Thoughts?

Has anyone experience with Longhorn Adjustable Triple Clamps. These clamps allow for adjustable height – up to 55mm – and adjustments for moving the bars forward.

The only issue I see with them is the units are for fat bars. Which would mean new bars would be needed with this install.

Additional risers would also be needed to reach the 55mm height over stock. The units come with 32mm risers.

The units look stout, and without the consideration of purchasing new bars seem less expensive that competitive units.

Get their fatbars as well!

The long horn bars and tripleclamps are just protaper copies, they might even be the real thing. You know with all the 3rd party stuff going on now days.........

The tripleclamps don't come for the WR's I think, only the YZ's. Give rocky mountain a call and find out. This means they don't have speedo mounts.

Thanks MattY,

Yep. I see that WR isn't listed and the trees only come in 1/1/8 so yep bars too. Blue would be nice.


I noticed in one of your other posts you've got the fat bars. Reasons?


I have the Longhorn adjustable triple clamps with 'fat' bar mounts for my '04 WR450. The clamps I have ARE for 'WR' bikes, with mount holes for the ODO and power switch. The only discrepency was the upper mount holes for the headlight/number plate. I had to adapt a small L-bracket to make it work right. Other than that, they are a direct fit. I really like the fit and finish of them, and of course the price. These are quality machined, and look trick.

I am using the standard height 'fat bar' clamps, in the most foward position possible. I have a Renthal FAT Bar, CR High bend, rotated forward to reduce the 'sweep'. I did it this way becuase I want the bars as far forward as possible, and relatively high. I am a big dude at 6'6" and need the bars as far up and forward as possible.

I noticed in one of your other posts you've got the fat bars. Reasons?

I keep on bending 7/8" renthals. They bend easy.

I was using the "Jimmy Button" bend, but they still felt a bit low.

Using adapters is not the ideal way to go to fatbars, but it is the cheapest. That suits me at the moment.

I would have got the GYT-R triple clamp / bar combo, but the bar's bend is way too low for me.

I have got a set on the WR250 for my girl.


Here they are, don't worry about price, it is in Australian. It is cheap for us over here. A set of fatbars costs $150 here! :applause:

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