Green/Red Sticker and Vermont Registration??

Will registering you WR426 for offroad in CA via the Green/Red Sticker process while your waiting for 90 days to pass on Vermont Registration have any negative effects on achieving CA street registration on a properly dual sported WR426?? I would like to do some riding at places such as Ocotilla Wells with friends soon and need at least a red sticker on my new WR426 to avoid being cited. Also, how have WR426 owners in CA been able to get green stickers on their bikes when the 3 in the 8th position of your VIN designates a red sticker?? Any special advice/process to getting a green sticker at the DMV?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Look back at my Oct.22 posting. alot of member's had some very interesting :) methods..What year is your WR?

Dolphin, if you have Vermont street reg don't worry about getting a California dirt reg. Another option you may want to explore if you don't have your Vermont plate yet is the non resident Ca green sticker. I think you can buy those at motorcycle dealers for $20 and they last for a year. If it was me I wouldn't go to the DMV and get a red or green sticker if you plan on transfering to Ca street reg in a few weeks. If the non resident sticker doesn't work out I would have a friend get you a duplicate from one of their bikes. Eric

I took my kids reg. for his TTR 125L down to the DMV and told them we lost it, :) they issued us another for $2.00 cheapest green sticker you can buy and its good for 3 years as opposed to the $20.00 per year for the out of state green sticker.

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