I have been trying to figure out how to ask questions on this site and I think I finally found it. WELL

I have a 2005 and reason for buy: it was to get the cadilac ride and less NOISE. I went to this from a CR500 which I turned over to my 14 year old son. I bought the bike with 139 miles on it. Second ride I noticed that in neutral I could hear some noise coming from the clutch area. I pulled the clutch in and it went away. Out again and there was that crazy rattle/noise.

Well my partner has the same bike but 2003, we immediatley listened to his, it was almost silent compared to mine (800 miles). I have found that when rolling down hill in gear I really hear noise and feel some vibration (vibration to slight degree). I sure hope this is not an inherent trait in this bike. Any ideas on this one. It is a bit noisier than it was when I first noticed it. I now have a total of 280 mile on the machine. ???????

What kind of noises. Mechanical ? Exhaust ?

The common one is drive chain slap (against the swing arm)

What kind of noises. Mechanical ? Exhaust ?

The common one is drive chain slap (against the swing arm)

Yep, all it takes is 1/2 a turn on the adjuster nuts to go from a tight chain to a loose chain.

These bikes are mechanically noisy. Your mate might be using a different oil, possibally a thicker one to you? Just to make you feel better, go up and check the same thing out on a Husaberg or KTM. These things are bad for noises.

No not exhaust and I have already done the chain slap fix (and it worked by the way). This is coming directly from the left side of the motor. Since I sent this question air out I have been advised by none other than my partner I ride with, that this may be a resonating clutch sound that is magnified by the solid skid plate I have on my bike. My partner does not have the solid skid plate, therefore that being the reason why he does not have this sound. I will remove it and see what I hear on the next ride. I may modify it if this turns out to be the problem. I thank you for your interest in helping me. I think this TT thing is going to be big for me. Thanks again. Oh any input you may have please bring it on.

My 03 had the nut come loose on the crankshaft on that side. Its easy to check by taking off the clutch cover and using a screwdriver to try and move the nut. The nut cannot come off as it is held on by a tab washer, but for some reason it can come loose. To fix the whole side case cover has to come off. I have 2000 miles on my 05 so far and the 03 makes the same amount of noise. It just may be the skid plate.

there might be just a tad of clutch drag, may go away with some break in.

but aside from that, these are NOISY bikes...especially if you are coming from a 2 stroke.

My 04' makes the same clutch noise in neutral. It made the noise since mile-0

and now has 1500 miles on it. Its normal noise from the rotating gears when in neatural.

I also hear a lot of engine/mechanical noise when going downhill, in gear, with no throttle. It is just the noise of the valvetrain, tranny and whole rotating assembly. You just hear it more when coasting downhill and there's no exhaust noise. Ive inspected the cams, chain and valves at 1000 miles, everything looks fine.

Keep an eye on drive chain tension, and chain slap too. My chain has rubbed a little on the subframe. Not much you can do about it. Don't make the chain too tight, or too loose.

Other than that, this has been a bullit proof bike! Never overheated, never bogged down, and starts right up every time!!!

Change the oil + filter religiously. Like every 200 miles or earlier and it will

"Work good. Last long time."

I went to this from a CR500 which I turned over to my 14 year old son.

CR500 to your son :applause: he must be a very capable rider, those things are just plain mean.

CR500 to your son :applause: he must be a very capable rider, those things are just plain mean.

not to bash our own bikes but ya.....in any shape or form the cr500 makes my wr so wittle and tired......i still get shakes thinking about a ride i had on a cr500af in motard trim....eeee crazy powerband


Back-up a second...

You said "solid skid plate"

Did you ever ride the bike without that plate? I rode a little with only the stock plastic skid plate. After going to a Moose Racing / Utah cycles skid plate the first ride was a shocker.

The amount of engine noise reflected up towards the rider almost required ear plugs. Its a VERY mechanical noise.

Most pros and mfgs recommend the foam (you sometimes see it sold on the same pages as the plate in catalogs.)

Try this.. (it was recommended by someone on this site ant it worked great !)

Get foam tape, something about 1/2" or so thick. Clean the side of the plate that is against the frame, apply the tape so it is between the frame rails. Cover it from rear to front. Be sure to cut out any holes to match the holes in the plate.

I didn't want to go outside the frame rails because I didn't want to see it and it worked great.

I used black neoprene foam insulation tape.

If you have doubts, remove your plate and go for a ride before you try it.

Good point about rubber mounting your skid plate to the frame. I have been using strips of cut up inner tube to isolate the skid plate from the frame rails. Works pretty good, and helps to save the paint on the frame.

Filling in the empty space between the case and the skid plate will help more to reduce reflected noise.

I let my boy ride the WR when we went camping Memorial day and I took the 500. I still love the immediate rocket power it has, you can lug it down a trail and throttle it and it gets up and goes unlike the wr, you have to be very gear selective. I weight about 190 lbs. My son weighs about 135 lbs. Don't misunderstand me we are not motocross riders, we do like to ride the mountains and the off road parks and climb the hills but I have never been a competitive rider. Though we do ride em hard and climb em.

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