Pants on fire

Ive been using my new WR both off road and commuting to work. I got home today and noticed that the bottom of my pants were burned. Its not like I was wearing bellbottoms. I guess that is just one more thing that I have to keep an eye on.

John in Vegas

Yeah, they do get hot!

Dude I noticed my coolant breather getting melted while rejetting a couple of days ago. Plus I have worn shorts and gotten redlegged from the exhaust :D . But now that I have got the jetting right I realize how lean that bi@%# was from the factory (popping on decel regularly). Also I was runnin her a bit on the rich side yesterday and it ran soooo much cooler. You should definitely get the JD jet kit for your bike. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results. :applause:

Ive got the JD kit, its sitting in the garage waiting for me to put it in. I think I will have time tonight along with the AIS removal. Big chief, I am using the stock lights with the baja design blinkers. The headlight has Hi/Lo, its just not wired up for it. If I get my bike back together tonight early enough, I could probably swing by you to look at it during my "test ride".

John in Vegas

I thought the stok headlamp and taillamp were not dot approved? So how did you get it registered?

I bought it in state in Ely and I bought the bd kit from them as well. they just gave me the papers I needed to go to DMV.

John in Vegas

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