Should I change shocks?

My front shocks on my 95 XR 600R have finally bit the dust. They aren’t bent or anything like that but they are totally blown out. The type of riding I do is 60% trail riding and 40% road riding. My question is should I just fix the ones I have or should I get some aftermarket shocks? I have some extra money to blow but I don’t know if the OEM shocks should be updated or are they just as good as any aftermarket shocks out there today? If anyone can educate me or give me some advise that would be great. Thanks!

Define "blown out". There are many different options that could be posted with that statement.

Define front shocks. Do you mean your forks. If they aren't bent. You can have new seals put in. But while you are at it. Make sure they have the right spring size for your weight. Pay someone to do it for you. I took my forks off and had new springs and seals everything gone through for 200. Well worth the money. I don't race or I would have had them valved while they where at it. If they change the springs, make sure and do your back shock, so your suspension stay's balanced.

What I mean by blown out is that the seals are blown to where oil prety much runs right out of them. I am also talking about the forks, maybe a better way of stating the question is that I was wondering besides just getting my seals replaced and my forks valved, is there maybe a better fork set up than the original forks?

new springs, new seals and oil

new ride

Depending on how much riding you do, new bushings may be a good thing to replace. There are 3 in each fork. Seals are cheap, like $10. For $100 you can replace all the bushings, and the dust seals too. New springs will run another $100. So for about $100 you can rebuild like new, and for $200 rebuild with new springs.

New forks are really expensive. I don't know but I'd guess $1500 to $2000.

I think that there may be a few transplants that are not too difficult to do. Something like CR500 front ends. I'm no expert on this, but there are others here who have done it.

What cleonard says, definitely replace the bushings as well as the seals.

Thanks for the info. I think I'll just rebuild.

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