Replace the headlight w/ # plate.

I'd like to go from the head light to a number plate when riding on my local MX track. The if I don't remove it the roost will...

Removal of the assembly is very easy but will a number plate just fit in the same area ?

Does anyone mfg one that will attach at the same three points as the head light assembly?


I'm wanting to do the same thing. I haven't found one that will mount in place of the headlight. If it says in the book that its a # plate for the WR, look and see if the part #'s are the same as the one for the YZ. All the ones I have looked at are the same.

I ve been looking too as I changed my triple clamp whose pinch bolts come in from the front not the sides as on a WR. All the plates Ive seen mount with straps/ties to the forks and another strap loops over your bars from the top of the plate.The Cyrcra "SKULL" has one apparent screw hole at the bottom like the stock piece but I dont know how it mounts elsewhere.

you can use a YZ plate, it just takes a little work.

Ya just use a YZ number plate, the bottom tabs fit in the screw holes of you bottom bracket. Your going to have trouble with the ignition button being in the way, I found it is easier to move it to the left side and mount it with your triple clamp bolts upside down. This is what I did and it works great.

just remove the headlight assmbly(its not that hard to remove and replace),the hole where it was will actually help cooling :applause:

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