*** Need Advice Please ***

:applause: I want to turn my 05 YZ450F into a woods machine. I ride tight single tracks and the 4 speed gearing sucks :D . Any help would be greatful.

1. you can put a 5-speed WR transmission in it, see sticky


2. gear it to 13 tooth front -52 tooth rear

3. put a GYTR offroad flywheel on it


4. you may need stronger GYTR or Hinson clutch components

http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/accessories/acsubcontaineritems/5/348/1218/5375/2005/1.aspx (basket, hub, pressure plate and clutch kit)



5. you can also put a Rekluse auto clutch in it


Start with 2 and 3, and you may already be happy with it.

Then you may need other accessories like barkbusters and a steering stabilizer, but they are needed for every bike and as per your likings.

And welcome to the forum.

I put mini bike bars on mine, easier in the tight stuff, and overall more comfortable, and flywheel weights would help too!

You are not going to like my advice.....sell it and buy a KTM. They are the woods bike leader handsdown....by the time to get the blue 450 ready for the woods $ wise, you could have bought a KTM. I would buy a the 300 if it was me...and keep the yami for the tracks :applause:

I have to more or less agree. The YZ450 is a pretty single purpose bike, although I take mine pretty much everywhere. The 4 best things you could do would be:

> install the WR450 trans

> use a flywheel 8 ounces or more heavier than stock

> install a Rekluse auto clutch

> stop using so many asterisks

But once you get done with that, you will have a bike that may suit you, but will be less a woods bike than a WR is, and also less a high performance MX bike than it once was.

KTM's are indeed very nice stuff, although I would chose a 525 and let them keep the 2-stroke, but they are expensive to either buy or fix. I think if I were choosing a purpose-built woods bike, I'd go with a WR450.

Doesn't it make you wish that Yamaha would revisit thier early 90s WR project and segment out the YZF into a EXC like bike and perhaps give the YZ250 2stroke a WR look too.

Talk about walking away from the other manufacturers.

Hell, they could sell the kits to be installed at a few reseller/dealer or by the customer himself.

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