Countershaft End Play

:applause: My 01 BRP has about 1/8" of end play on the countershaft. It's not the countershaft sprocket or the retainer but the shaft itself that moves 1/8" in and out of the case. I discovered this the night before a 256 mi. dual sport ride and I didn't have any problems on the ride. Changed the oil today and had no metal in the used oil or filter whatsoever. Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem. I'm guessing that one of the bearings for the countershaft is going bad because if they were wearing into the case I should have found metal in the oil or filter. I would like to put off tearing the engine apart for a few more rides this summer, just don't want to cause catastrophic failure. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, James

Sounds normal, mine is a brand new '06 and it also hace in and out play

on the CS. :applause:

Normal end play, mine moves a 1/8, probably less when real hot, it's not the bearing it's just shaft end play, the shaft moving in the inner races, if you have up and down play then you have big trouble. :applause:

Mine did the same thing.

Glad to hear those replies, one of the guys on our DS ride has an 02 BRP and his had no play so I thought uh-oh. But if a new one has play it should be ok. :prof::applause::D

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