Phoenix Shops

Anyone around the Phoenix recommend and good place to buy tires and accessories.

Go to MonkeyButts They will hand mount the tire for free. Stay away from cyclegear. They use a machine and they broke my rear rim on my XR650R. Then tried to deny it. 623-930-6686 Jeff and John both ride dirt bkes and use to ride PRO

Custom Cycle-ATV in Mesa is a good tuning/performance shop. They race XR650Rs (Baja). Not too much in the way of accessories in thier little shop, but they always seem to have the little bits and parts that I need--sound advice too.

Motorcycle Accessory Shop on west Main in Mesa. Bill the owner has been in the business in the Valley for ever. Good prices great people.

Bernies Cycle in Mesa, Good people, decent prices, Talk to Guzzi, he's a trip.


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