$200...what's your first mod(s)

I was ridding the other day and a guy was loading his brand new 06 WR450 into the truck at 10:30 am because he smashed a radiator. Radiators cost more than $200 so I would protect those first.

Skid plate is second.

You wouldn't ride a ho without protection. WRs like to be ridden hard and put away wet just like a ho.

Suspension is important but you don't need to buy a matress for your first ride.

I agree with some of the others here, PROTECTION first. Rad guards, hand guards, and maybe a skid plate.

Free mods are free, so do those, too.

You should probably be OK with the stock suspension, bars, etc. Also, I haven't heard too many good things about the JD kit for the 06's, so maybe hold off there as well. The stock exhaust isn't THAT bad, either.

Protect your investment, first, then get good, then get fast.

First do the free mods ( their free) this will give you plenty of power for a while. then do the protection radiator guards and skid plate (you are in Colorado) then do the jetting this will make more power there is nothing more fun than a properly tuned new motorcycle ( you are in colorado right). As ARin suggested you may want to take a close look at your riding gear before you blow that $200.00.

Everyone here swears by the Utah Sports skid plate.

I have one on my 04'. It has held up very well to the abuse of the So. Cal desert. I can change the oil without taking it off, but if you're not carful it will make a mess.

I have the Rocky Mountain brand alum bar guards with the plastic add on shrouds. I love those too! They've held up well, protect the levers and add rigidity to the bar.

I've been riding watercooled bikes for 15 years and have never crushed a radiator. And I DO crash! Never needed a rad guard, but it would be nice.

You wouldn't ride a ho without protection. WRs like to be ridden hard and put away wet just like a ho.

I agree ! :applause::D:prof:

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