Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

I have an '01 426 and I am waiting on my new Rekluse to come in!!! :D Needless to say I am pretty pumped! :prof:

What should I know before it gets here about installation, adjustment, etc?? The clutch plates are still pretty good, but should I replace those too?? Any tricks I should know prior to install would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Have you ever done a clutch before?

Is it the whole clutch kit ( basket and every thing??? )

Once you get it installed just make sure your gap is correct and then ride it a little bit and come and check the gap again,if it is loose readjust it with the plates that are included with your Rekluse. I installed one on my 2000 YZ 426 and have had more fun riding that bike than I ever thought possible,by far the best purchase I have ever made on any bike part I have bought over the last 33 years. Also be sure and use the recomended oil that Rekluse asks you to use,which is the Shell Rotela T I am using it in everything now,my Vintage bikes and all my four wheelers,good stuff and very good price.

i just got mine in the mail from TT. mine is for a 250f that i am setting up for hare scrambles....i cant wait to try it out...i also got the rear hand brake kit and 2 finger clutch override.

So the installation is pretty simple, and I don't need to start out with new clutch plates? I have replaced a few clutches in my day, so I'm not too worried. Delivery is set for tomorrow!!!! :prof:

BTW - Where do you buy the oil?? Is it available at bike shops, auto parts stores, :D WalMart :prof: ??


Make sure you disconnect the torsion spring on the clutch arm on the engine case. It's an easy step to miss, and if you do, you'll burn up your clutch. In my case, I disconnected the torsion spring, but it wasn't completely disconnected, it was still hanging up a little bit on the engine case clutch lever. I burned up my clutch in 6 rides (12 to 18 hours).

Also, when installing, pack every open crevis on your engine with rags or paper towels in case you drop a ball, small 3M screw, etc. It could ruin your day searching for parts that fell into your engine.

walmart has rottela t for like 8 something a gallon

I purchased a Rekluse setup on ebay and plan on installing it tonight.

I spoke with a tech at Rekluse and he mentioned there are newer instructions than what is available on the website. He was supposed to email me the PDF's, and so far he hasn't. Does anyone have the newer instructions for an 03 yz450f?

Thanks for all the info and help. :applause:

My office is right next to the front door to our office, and my window looks right at the entry to our building. Every time I see movement, I look to see if it is the man in brown. :D

WHERE IS BROWN!!!!! :bonk: I want it NOW!!! :prof:


Does anyone here ride motocross with the rekluse? If so how is the gate start work? Do you just leave it in second and gas it when the gate drops or what? I am kinda of interested in getting one of these. I also race off road GP`s and hare scrambles.

WHOO HOO!!! BROWN CAME!!!! :D:prof:

MotoXman - I will let you know in a couple of weeks how it does on my buddies' '06 YZ 450. He and I got them today and we'll be installing them tonight. We race Desert GP's, Hare Scrambles, Hare 'N Hounds, GP's with starting gates, and just desert blasting! :prof: Give me a couple of weeks. :applause:

Does anyone here ride motocross with the rekluse? If so how is the gate start work? Do you just leave it in second and gas it when the gate drops or what? I am kinda of interested in getting one of these. I also race off road GP`s and hare scrambles.

Yes, you sit at the gate in second and wait for it to drop and just wack the throttle open. I've never been worse than third in the first corner with my Rekluse.....its almost like cheating. :applause:

Sounds like fun. It just seams that the clutch can get you out of trouble sometimes and not having it might be hard to get used to? We should do a poll for the rekluse. Name it: To rekluse or not to rekluse. I am very interested in it though. Is most of the compression braking gone when you have one?

No, the braking is still there. I used the heavy spring in my '06 YZ450F and it still hooks-up a little low. The engine has so much power down low it doesn't really matter. But the Rekluse is sooooooo much easier in the woods, especially with the high 1st gear.

All but one of our bikes has a Rekluse, it has an EFM though (YZ250F, YZ450F, CR250R and RM85). I've contacted Rekluse several times about a clutch for the RM85 but they don't intend to make one as of yet. For less aggressive riders, the 85mx auto clutches are a true blessing.


Man I cant wait till LVthumper posts his results. LVThumper, do you live in vegas. If so do you do any of the MRAN races or Best in the Desert series?

OK, so I got the Rekluse in, really easy! :excuseme: But I haven't had a chance to do the break in, or even start the bike. I discovered a minor issue with the carb. Since I was going to be doing quite a bit of work on the bike, I thought the carb could use some attention as well. I discovered my throttle stop screw was missing?? I don't know how or when it happened, but until I pick the new one up this afternoon, the carb is off the bike waiting for the screw. :bonk:

I am helping my buddy put his Rekluse in tomorrow night, then we will break them in and get them all set. I plan to take the 426 out and pre-run the MRAN Jackrabbits Team Night Race this weekend, so I will get a good feel for the way the clutch works! :busted: It will be interesting too, because I will be running the race with my buddy on his XR 650 with a Revloc auto clutch. The Revloc is more than twice the cost of the Rekluse, so I will get to compare the two side by side.

I will update after this weekend!!



If you ever run into a dave wilson in the wildbunch tell him Lee from New Mexico says whats up. I ran Vegas to reno with dave in 96 and left vegas because i am in the military. He will know who you are talking about. We used to ride together sometimes 3 times a week. Anyway, another question I would realy like to know is if anyone can tell me that the rekluse lets the 4 strokes start in gear easier because dead engine starts do not seam to work out for me on the 4 strokes.

Motoxman - Even though I don't know him, I'm a Bushwacker, I will try to look for Dave at the next race on July 1 and pass along your regards! :excuseme:

I really like my Rekluse!! :busted: I have only done a short (15miles) on it so far, but this is almost like cheating!! :bonk: I still have some fine tuning to do, but this is going to be fun! I can't wait for the flag to drop in July! Thanks for the help.

Which spring do most of you use? I started with the light spring, but I think I will go to the heavy spring to give it a little more "stall" speed. :bonk:

I also just installed a Rekluse clutch. I only have one ride in, but I'm already a big fan of the Rekluse. :excuseme:

I'm using the perch adjuster with a light spring and 5 TC heavy balls. The clutch engages right off idle and closes quickly. I may remove 2 of the TC balls to slow the full engagement. I really need to spend a little time with it this weekend to get it dialed in.

Thanks LV, Let me know how its starts in gear with the rekluse guys, compared to not having one in it at all.

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