Waiting on my Rekluse!!!!!!

My buddy starts his in gear no problem, but I haven't really tried it yet. All I know is that with the jetting dialed in, and the Rekluse working right, this is a whole new ball game!! :bonk:


If given a good full kick from TDC, mine will also start in gear. :excuseme:


So I now have 2 Desert races under my Rekluse belt, and all I can say is WOW!! "Tough" hill climbs just don't exist anymore!! :ride: I installed the tighter spring so it engages later, and now it's perfect. It is a little tough in the dead engine starts, as I have to make sure the engine is not much past idle before I put it in gear, but other than that, I am one happy customer!


PS - MotoXman - I didn't see Dave at the last two races, but two of my buddies are in the Wild Bunch, and I asked them to pass the message on!


Can't you get a manual override to allow better control for the dead starts? How well can you wheelie with a clutch or can you at all?

LVThumper, Thanks for passing that message on to dave. I am still debating on getting the rekluse or not. I have been doing motocross all year and am getting ready for the GP season to start. LVThumper, I sure would have liked to catch the Caliente GP this year. Is it still in July?

The bike pulls the front wheel up like a hydraulic lift in all gears, just like it always did. It's smooth. If you lean back a little and give a quick twist, it will come up very quickly all the way through 4th. 5th gear will only lift it about 1/2 way unless you lean back.

Motox - The Groundshakers race was, and usually is, the first weekend in July. It was BRUTAL!! 38 mile loop, 3 times. We went through town, crossed the creek a few times, then they sent us downstream for almost a mile! The water was over 2 feet deep in places and the poor Novices on 125's, and even a few big bikes, drowned their bikes! It was tough.


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