air filter?

Another for No-Toil.

and another...great stuff...

BelRay foam filter oil. Very sticky and way better than the K&N stuff I was using, which is way better than engine oil.

Regular engine oil is not good. If you use this look at the bottom of your airbox on a hot day I bet you see oil oozing from it. this is because the regular engine oil does not tack up like filter oils do. You will not get the protection you think you are getting using this. Use an oil that is designed for foam filters, like a spray on or Bel-Ray in the bottle. After a few minutes these oils will tack up and become almost sticky. That is what you want. :applause:

They are more than almost sticky. They are hatefully sticky and messy if you get your hands on them. But I guess that is how they are supposed to work.. Nice explanation on the normal oil. Thanks.. :D

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