Swingarm removal

Hello everyone;

I need some help. My 2000 XR650R has got 89,000 kms on it and I have to remove my swingarm to replace the bearings,seals,seal caps and bushings. After removing the nut and washer on the left side, I tried to remove the bolt or what seems like a bolt, on the right side, and this will not move. I used the finger socket to lose'in the lock nut behind the bolt and I still can't turn the bolt either way. I was then thinking that this bolt might slide right out. So I tried that and it still will not move. Took a large brass rod and tried to punch it out, still no luck.

Can someone please tell me the proper procedure for removing this bolt before I use a large hammer on it and screw it up forever, thanks, Iggy

You don't need to take off the lock nut to be able to remove the swing arm bolt. You will however require a big hammer and a bronze punch.

If you can break it loose so it turns, it will be easier to get out. Use a big breaker bar. Once it's turning it should come out easier. Not easy though. This is one of those few times where the solution is a bigger hammer.

jiggle the swingarm up and down while you try to remove it.

YE HA, I get to use the big hammer !!!!!!

I will use a large punch with it and give it a try, Thanks very much, Iggy.

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