1995 XR600R Conversion to Dual Sport

Can someone direct me to a good Dual Sport kit for my 600. I am looking for an easy set up that will make the bike street legal (more than trail to trail), but still able to be dirt ready in a few minutes. (Dirt Ready: no blinkers, rear view mirror or other things that break.)

I know that there are many posts out there on this subject, but many give partial setups or are incomplete.

For reference, I live in Utah, if you are aware of any laws which may restrict things or make them easier, let me know.

Thanks :applause:

I made my 96 600R legal in NV, I found a CRF450 dual sport kit on e-bay and made it work, I got flush mount stick on turn signals and mounted them on the rear fender just under the fender bag and the front ones on the side of the headlight/number plate, so they won't break if dropped, throttle side had the threads for a mirror and I made a mount for the clutch side, installed it all in one day and had the legal stuff signed off at the local dealer, had the plate on the next day, insurance is only $75 a year from Progressive. :excuseme:

Hey I have a 1995 xr 600 and I was going to street legalize It but I couldnt track down the original owner and get the title for It so I had to scrap the project. Does anyone want to buy a baja designs kit that only has 100 miles on it?

The kit retails for around 550 plus tax. Since I have no use for It I am going to sell It for $300. email me If you need this Dennis51475@aol.com (It also fits some smaller xrs and I still have the box and directions) Thanks,


did you get my email?

I have the same bike and legaled it for just a few bucks. Bought a brake light conversion kit from Arrowhead motor sports for about $20. It uses the original bulb. It's crude but it works well enough. Another $15 for a rear view mirror, the kind that hangs low so you're looking under your arm. It's stays out of the way and you can't break it off. I didn't bother with the horn. A few more bucks for emissions and I was done. I kept my left arm for turn signals, they're only going to get broken off road anyway if you put them on.

Arizona is great, they don't even inspect the bike, just hand you the plate.

And that was that. I must admit I don't ride on the road too much. I still run Dunlop 739's which are not DOT approved.

My 95 xr600 runs awesome. Played for 40 miles off-road just this morning and still managed 80 mph on the 2 mile stretch of freeway I have to ride to get home. What more could you ask for a total investment of about $2,250??

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