is my header suposta get red hot?

i have never owned a 4 stroke mx bike, i just put an hour meter/tach on it and started it up let it warm up and wanted to set the idle. the header was red hot after like 2 minutes. im not sure what the standard warm up time is on a 4 stroke or anything, also you think its running lean? everyone says they run rich in stock form. im going to check the carb settings with the manual but im assuming since its brand new its at stock settings. if this is normal cool i just wanted to make sure i don't want to burn a hole in a new piston.

Thanks in advance

I HATE THESE POSTS!!!! Sorry to be hard on you but please do a search first and you'll find a thousand threads like these. And btw it's pretty much impossible to burn a hole through a piston

IT's gonna blow!!!!!!

(jk jk jk). The search feature is your friend..... :applause:

NORMAL! :applause::D

Stop flaming the new guy. Its normal to see the header glow, its also normal for it to puke a little coolant out from time to time.

I suppose it's even normal to suppose that a red header isn't normal. :applause:

But you can't flame the old guys and get away with it, so who's left?

All in fun, mate. :D

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