Bad Noises

So I went for a ride today during the whole ride it was great but on the way home I noticed the BRP was a bit noisier than it usually is so I stopped to see if everything was o.k. As soon as I stopped and idled there was a wierd clicking/hiccupy noise coming from the top of the motor. I am not very knowledgable about bike but it seemd to me it might be misadjusted valves. I also noticed a decrease in top end power. I was in fifth gear and it seemed to have higher RPM than it should of had. Is this enought info for anyone to offer any help? I am going to bring it to the shop tommorrow I am sure they will be able to help. Say a prayer for her that it is nothing serious. THanks in advance.


Check the valve clearance and make sure all the adj. lock nuts are tight, if they weren't torqued correctly they could back off.

If you recently adjusted the valves, you may have adjusted them with the autodecompressor engaged, this will cause the RH exhaust rocker to have excessive clearance. Did you have to back off the RH exhaust rocker adjustment quite a bit to get clearance? If so, you need to readjust.

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