Kick starter lever loose

I noticed last weekend that my kick starter on my 01' 426 was loose. The bolt was tight.

I'm assuming the splines are worn out.

Has anyone had this problem?

Is there an aftermarket kicker out there?

I'm afraid to ask the dealer how much they cost..

Excellent site...I read it everyday... :)

I'd see if they'd replace it under warranty first. Shouldn't be that loose that fast. My '99 is still in good shape.

My first question is the obvious " are the splines on the lever hammered" ? My next question is" are you using the de-comp lever every time you kick the engine over" ? Lots of problems twisting lever shafts when not using de-comp, so I'd imagine it could mangle the splines on the lever as well. Just a thought. Definitely warranty that bad boy regardless. My 00 WR lever is in perfect condition except where it hits the peg on a full stroke kick. :)

I pulled the lever off this weekend and yes the splines are worn.

Thunder I use the DE-Comp lever every time I start this beast...I couldn't imagine not using it...LOL

Thanx for the warranty advice. I'll take it to my dealer's worth a try.

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