2004 Crf 450r

Hey All,

I have a 2004 CRF 450R and I'm trying to check My valve clearances to determine weather or not I need to re shim. In checking the clearances I found that the left intake valve was way out of spec (to tight) more so than the others. The factory spec is .006 IN. (.152mm) I can't even get a .015 IN. (.038mm) in there but it's hard to tell because the feeler gauge is so thin it bends. Does this sound like head or valve damage or should I try to re shim back to spec???

Thanks For Your Input,

Motox 44

id say post this in the crf 450 forum for more responses. also i know guys do run them a little tighter than spec, but yours sounds too tight. but im no guru, so get your answers in the other forum.

I think you have a problem. If you can't get a .0015 in there, it's out of spec. I have trouble getting a .006 in my intakes, so I use a .005 and it is actually loose. I think because of the bend required to check the intakes it's probably spot on. But since Honda allows a +/- .001 either way I've been letting it go and just rechecking it periodically. I would really reshim the valves if I were you.

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