GTYR products for WR4

Hey guys, just wanna enquire, is it possible to mount the following items onto my WR?

GYTR Clutch Basket

GYTR Clutch Inner Hub

GYTR Clutch Pressure Plate

GYTR Clutch Cover

GYTR Flywheel - YZ450F

If so, which year does it goes well with?

The flywheel won't fit. That is for the YZ, and only for the YZ. They are smaller since the WR has a big stator.

The other clutch parts (which are Hinson!) will fit.

The stock clutch is fine, I would only change if you are planning a BIG power upgrade such as a big bore kit, but even then, it is up to the task.

What else can I do then on the WR4? Closest to YZ as much as possible.

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