anyone running a 444 big bore?

I have just replaced my engine with a 444 big bore w/ web cams and shaved head, ported out as well. Does anyone out there have any tips as far as jetting, fuel octane, oil preferences, maintenance ? I also have a full Ti exhaust, power now, quick-shot and 14/50 gearing. Please advise...

-What compression piston did you go with? If you went with the 13.5:1 then you may need some extra octane, but stock compression works fine w/ 91 octane.

-I've been using Shell Rotella synthetic for a few years now and am happy with it. -Jetting wont differ too much from stock... it's going to depend more on your temp, altitude, etc. I'm at 168mj, 40pj 2-3 turns on the screw and my bike runs great at 1500ft @ 70f

-14/50 is useless for me, even in the woods. I am currently at 14/47 and still need longer legs since I find myself trying to shift into 6th gear quite often in the desert.

-you may want to dedicate a little more time to maintence since you'll have a more radical motor (porting, cams, head) and will probably be spending more time at higher RPM's. I, on the other hand, spend less time at higher revs since my motor makes more juice down low and doesn't like being revved to the moon and my maintenance schedule has remained the same. oil change @ 10hrs (casual trail riding), air filter when required (not too dusty here) and check the valves 3-4 times a year.

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