Xr650l Seat Stuff, Etc...


Been working on getting the ergonomics on my 2001 xr650l upgraded to fit me better.

Seat: the bike came wit a corbin seat. It's firm but has such a steep slope I'm always sliding down to a very uncomfortable position (i'm 6'4" and 240). I put the stock seat on and got a numb butt in 15 minutes.

Any other aftermarket seat options?

Any resources for rebuilding the stock seat?

Handlebars: Any taller solutions other than risers? I feel real awkward in the woods leaning over all the time.

BTW: this site rocks!!

Thanks in advance,

Later, JT

2001 XR650L, desmogged, uncorked, continental tires, looking for exhaust

Stock seat, Acerbis Gripper Seat cover (black)

Works and feels great. Also, when the seat gets muddy and wet you don't fly off the bike. :applause:

CR medium or high bend 7/8 bar

Wanna sell that corbin?

Try a Buttbuffer insert, can be found by same name on web. There are many dealers listed throughout country, I got one done and it is great. It is a gel polymer type insert put in the seat where some foam is removed. Seat is recovered with original cover or new cover if desired. Best part, seat fits fine because it is the stock steat. I switch the seat out in 5 minutes between my 650l's when I'm taking one on a lengthy ride 200+mile rides no problem. Procedure on site is also explained, they use a different bike for description, but you get the idea of how they do it. It's about half the price of a corbin if you use the stock seat cover. :applause:

Yep, I hate to admit it, but I, (me), actually rode a lowly KLR with a corbin stepped seat. The only thing it had going for it was it was wider, but much stiffer foam.

If you can get a chance to try a travelcade gel seat with the hybrid cover, (50/50 spandex/cordura) you will be pleasantly surprised how comfy it is vs. stock or corbin. What I like best ahout the travelcade is it's the same shape as stock, and easy to move around on when you need to. :applause:

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