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SM jet kit install Ride Review and ??

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Installed a DJ SM jet kit on my 06 DRZ SM.

285ft above sea level

150 main

25 pilot 2.5 turns out

SM needle clip 2nd notch stock spacers

Stock exhaust

Stock filter

3x3 mod.

Extended fuel screw

Install went very well. Not my first time turning a wrench though.

The bike seems to have quite a bit more pazzaz in the mid range. Slight bog off idle and it seems to be a bit flat at high rpm or WOT. The butt dyno can tell a difference though. Im happy overall for the money and would recommend it to anyone without the $$$$ to do the FCR. Just have a little tinkering w/ fuel screw to get just right.

Questions? Ever so slight bog off idle ???

High RPM flat feeling ????

are these indications of lean/rich ??? just looking for which way to go with the fuel screw...

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I would like to know also. I'm at 1400ft with the exact same setup?! I don't have the off idle bog, but it does seem flat on top a little.

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If you have the extended fuel screw it can be rich, you may want to try adjusting your screw, after a complete warmup, by slowly turning in until it hestiates or stumbles, then back out until it is smooth, if it is the extended screw my guess is it will be around 1 1/2 turns, try that to see if it fixes the bog

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ive got pretty much the same now....put it together today in bout 45 mins...

opened end cap on OEM exhaust


150 main


DJ Needle - 2nd clip position with OEM washers & spacer

25 pilot

2.5 turns on extended fuel screw


3x3 on airbox

im at 2100ft elev and the bike runs perfect throughout the rpm range. pulls how the bike SHOULD have pulled from the factory. im awaiting my full muzzy, just couldnt wait much longer. although im not sure if i will need to put the 155 main in after the exhaust gets changed. we'll see.....unless the masters have any insight.

maybe your top end flat spot might be from the restrictor in the exhaust....? not sure though.

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I'm at 1600 ft. 05 400SM. Dynojet kit. What settings? what jets? will do 3X3 at the same time. have extended fuel mixture screw to install

I am also curious about this setup with:

'06 400SM

stock pipe


DJ kit

still waiting on my 25 pilot to show up

stock air filter, but will switch to twin-air soon

extended fuel screw too

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