06 yz450 skid plate

does anyone make a skid plate other than a snow shovel for the new 06's. looking for a one peace plate, works connection make a very nice one for the crf's but not for the yz. Help :applause:

i have a works connection that im in the middle of modifying....so yes they do make one.

Mod plan is simple...so far ive put the stocker on top of it such that all the holes line up, then traced the outline of the stock to the WC. im gonna take it to get it cut as soon as i can - my dremmel would take forever! I want it to fit like the stock plate so its easy to change the oil and still protect the front of the engine like the WC does.

Check out Utah Sport Cycle. They make a decent skid plate at a fair price. It works well on my '06 providing good protection. The only thing I needed to do was install some Uni bulk air filter foam between the plate and the frame and also use some neoprene washers when installing the bolts. Without this, the resonating sound from the skid plate against the frame is VERY loud. :applause:


show me some pic's if you can. IM REALLY ANAL about what goes on my bike. thank

Devol makes one too, check out the TT store.

Snow shovel, that's good!

is that a ims tank. how many gal is that

It is an IMS 3.1 gallon

very nice looking bike. I like your style. IM more of an off roader than a motocrosser.

do you have radiator guards yet? if so what brand, not much out there yet

Im still looking for one like Reeds.

I'll stick with my "Snow shovel" and not have to worry about my cases going over logs and rocks

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