2005 XR650R Jetting

My riding buddy needs help :applause:

He has a 05 XR650R with a Big Gun exhaust, the open up

carb intake boot, snorkel remove from the air box and side

number plate panel holes drilled.

We are in Missouri around 1000 foot above sea level and he

needs to know what jetting he needs for the carb :lol:

It just doesn't seem right :prof: and who knows what

the Dealer put in if any :bonk: They where suppose to

jet it, but it pops on deceleration and feels like it surges

when cruising at a steady speed.:prof:

Thanks for your help :D

heres some general useful jetting info Jetting

a 175 or 180 mainjet and 68s pilot should be sufficient at your altitude with the modifications you mention. if your friend has aftermarket headers i'd go to a 185 main jet. Take out the original main from the stock carb and the number should be stamped on it

Checking the main jet can be done with the stock carb left insitu on the bike.

(this can be done by draining the fuel from the bowl on the carb, do this by putting the long drain hose tucked behind the swing arm into a glass then undoo the fuel drain screw. The bowl will then drain into the glass. Make sure you switch the fuel off at the tank first.) when most of the fuel is drained use a 17mm wrench to undoo the plug on the bottom of the carb from this you can remove the main jet with a 6mm socket.

Seems to me there is a needle and seat to change for a complete rejet and tune. Part numbers should be around here just do a search on uncorking the 650R. Did the dealer block off the smog crap? You probably don't get that stuff on the 650 in MO.

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