I had an itch

I had an itch on the "down-lo" and when I scratched it I thought of you guys. I see the tech talk is heavy, so I hope it means you are all riding and having a blast. Been buisy with the new job and can no longer spend my days on TT. Take care my friends. I'll be in and out of contact, but will keep you in mind.


Na, SCREW PEACE!!! Kill that little mother f$#k@r and all his terrorists friends first......

then peace.



Mike, i've wondered why it has been so quiet around here. :) How the heck are you? Hope the new job is going ok. Stay in touch, P

[ November 02, 2001: Message edited by: PMAUST ]


Give me a blank check and I'll build you a super duper PC. You can get junk e-mail, logon to TT, and play Motocross Madness. What else is there in life, other than ride your bike and drink beer? :)

Mike- Yeah, where the F have you been?

A winter NH ride may be in order!!!


Thanks for the offer, but I've seen your bike run. Can't imagine how well the computer would work :).

Mikes winter wonder land ride will be happening. I will keep you all posted.

Odd how Mike comes out of the woodwork. I went for a mountain bike ride yesterday and the parking lot is the same one we use for winter rides. I left the parking lot and said to myself - I need to go for a ride with Mike. When I got home, he called. Weird.

90 miles, not too bad. Winter will be here soon, can't wait// Nice riding with you again Mark.

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