Hindle exhaust deal on DennisKirk.com

I am new to the site and I just bought a 1999 WR400F.

I was searching for a new exhaust system and found a real good deal on a Hindle mid pipe and muffler/silencer at DennisKirk.com.

Hindle Oval ti muffler (part # 448650) $140.00 Free shipping

Hindle slip on mide pipe (part # 448640) $ 45.00 Free shipping

$185.00 for a slip on seemed like a pretty good deal. The exhaust were both closeout items, but they seemed like they still have several to choose from, if anyone else is interested. I had to go to hindles web page to makesure everything would work.

Does anyone have Hindle exhaust on their bike. I know their street bike stuff is top notch, I would expect nothing less from their offroad stuff.

On there web sit there slip on is only $129.95 for your bike.....Oh and welcome to TT.

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