XR650R Dual Sport Uncork Question

Im buying a new XR650R to dual sport and want to know what I should do first, im not looking for anything to expensive or complicated, I’ve been reading a lot on it and figure id open up the air box, hole saw or hrc tip the exhaust, and then rejet.

But ive never rejet a bike so a little worried on how to go about it, maybe that Edelbrock carb to.

Anyone know how much the Edelbrock carb is? And on average how much the XR650R is to insure?

Im buying a new XR650R to dual sport and want to know what I should do first,

What you should do first is read a lot on here, use the TT search, and google.

There are many excellent sites on this bike.

THIS will get you started.


Consider my input carefully, because 50% of the hobby for me is modifying the machine.

My XR is titled, plated and used for reasonably serious trail riding. I never rode the bike stock and in one winter I sent the shock and forks to Precision Concepts for their full monte, added a Rekluse Z-Start, installed a Scotts stabilizer, triple clamp and ProTaper kit, an Edelbrock QS carb, HRC spark arrestor and intake manifold, full combat hand guards, skid plate, shark fin and bunch of other woods / enduro survival hardware.

Again, I have no baseline, but I feel the suspension work and the carb / uncorking probably made the biggest improvements. I can honestly say that with minimal needle and pump adjustments on the carb, I get first or second kick starts every time hot or cold.

I realize you are going to be dropping some cash on dual sport hardware, but after that I would uncork with the HRC parts, then get the suspension some help.

Good luck and have fun.

my advise is just that...advise, but as a former racer and spinner of the wrench's at the factory level I can tell you what I did to my XR650R. The first thing I did was removed the smog crap & open up the intake boot wich requires re-jetting, however with this in mind remeber that what comes in must go out, so if you open everything up to take in more fuel and air you have to be able to provide a path suitable for it to exit thru...exhaust....a standard slip on will serve you well and can be found at a good price. Jetting requires knowing what part of the jet does what. You can have your jets correct but in my case my bike would cut out going over rough ground at speed...fix...chage the float level....I haven't cut open my airbox do to the fact that the bike seems to run real well, I notice a loss of power in my tallest gear at high speeds but that doesn't come around enough to bother me. Pic your projects by budget, for example don't do just your front forks....do both front and rear as a set....don't uncork the bike if you can't add enough flow out the exhaust. I have the Baja Designs race kit on my bike wich allows me to remove it and put my offroad stuff back on in a matter of minutes...worth the extra 90.00 if you like to go on camping rides where your hauling your bike to location. between breathing the bike and suspension work you should have a well rounded bike.

XR650R - upper and lower applied triples, pro taper bars, excel wheels, gpr steering damp, 320mm moto master front rotor, IMS pegs, tank, air block off kit, renthal gearing, White brothers exhaust, header, suspension, graphics, and support, baja designs street race kit and stater. Like the guy above me said...one kick two kicks most...if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Special thanks to LA HONDA, IMS, White Brothers, Applied, GPR, and of course Toad & Gary Jones!!

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