Stripped drain plug (hex head, not threads)

I went to change my oil last night and the hex head bolt on the drain plug stripped. Not the threads (keeps on spinning), but the hex head and it won't budge loose. I tried vise grips which just seemed to make the hex head into a circle and it is super stripped now. I also tried to dremmel the edge of the thick part that connects onto the case. I then tried a screwdriver in where the dremmel slot was and hammer it loose, but nothing worked.


Any suggestions?

If i cut another 12mm hex head off of the bolt and pay someone to weld it on, i should be able to back it out.

Or should i go buy an Easy Out? I have never use one.

Or should i just drill it out?

Or i also heard that Sears sells some socket that can sort of grab it and get it to tighten up on the the head and then i can loosen it up.


Then my other question.

Are drain plugs universal. I am guessing NO, but just thought i would ask.

So i have to order another one?

Pretty barred from riding i guess.

At least if i get it off of there i can go get a magnetic plug which i need anyways.

Any help is appreciated.

This is what i was talking about.. Sears Bolt Out.

Sears Bolt Out

I have those sears bolt removers....they work great!

However, if you have stripped that sucker down to nothing, there is a good chance that you could tear the rest of the head off. Those things really "bite" into the stripped head.

what about dremmeling a slot into there for a screwdriver? Not sure how you'd get enough torque to the screwdriveer.

Good luck.

I am going to Sears right now to see if they have those Bolt Out sockets.

But if those dont work, i may try somethign else.

I think if i dremmel a slot in the head for a screwdriver, there will not be enough torque like you said.

Maybe they make some massive screwdriver, but all the ones i have are just normal size and i would probably die trying to get that off with a little screwdriver.

The hex isn't really a "circle", but the vise grips definitely stripped the head more than it was. Since the vise grips only could move a little bit, it probably smoothed out like half of the head.

I may just keep it in there for the weekend cause like 1L of oil came out of the frame plug (2002 YZ426). So i just need to get some new oil in there and fix it on Monday.

My wife is out of town so i was planning on just being gone the whole weekend.


Not now. Maybe.

I have never tried this but maybe one of those old fashion C shaped clamps tightened down like a mofo on the head might work better than vice grips.

if you have good access I would drill and use an easy outit would be bad to snap the head off. How tight did you do it up?

This is what i was talking about.. Sears Bolt Out.

Sears Bolt Out

Best tool to have in your box right there...there has never been a bolt that wouldn't come out with those things.

Not sure how tight it was, i didn't use a torque wrench. But i never do it that tight. I have done tons of oil changes on this bike. I think the head just got tweaked. I may have had a weird angle on the socket, but i am not 100% sure.

It might have just been the time to get a new plug. I need a magnetic one anyways...

So i am going to buy the Bolt Out AND a torque wrench today.

If you have access to an acetylene torch, or someone who does, and at least one of you has a little skill with it, use about a #3 tip and quickly heat the bolt to a dull red. Then drive an undersized wrench or the Bolt Out on to it and it should back right out. The heat takes all the axial pressure off the threads, and makes the bolt very cooperative. If you concentrate the heat directly on the bolt, the surrounding crankcase or frame tube will be pretty much unaffected, since it won't have time to absorb much heat. Take the obvious precautions associated with open flames.

What is the correct amount for the torque wrench anyways for the drain plug.

I guess my manual should say somewhere in there.

Just curious.

14 ft pounds

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