Interesting Handle Bar Risers

In searching for cost effective solutions to setting up a WR450 F for tall riders I found these handle bar risers. What blew me away was that I was drawing up what I was planning on machining out of a chunk of aluminum and then found these this morning. Exactly what I had drawn. Weird.

Anyway I called and found out that they will fit perfectly on a 2005 WR450. I'll still need a spacer or maybe I'll use the tusk risers.

Universal Risers, 7/8'' tube type handlebars, 1''-up & 1 3/8'' back <{F75BA66B-C5E0-4250-9156-35B30621E3E2}

It isnt anything new.

If you have the capabillity, make your own, I did mine.

search is temporarily unavailable on TT, look for " bar risers regular to fat", topic will include some links&pics, hope they still work.

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