OEM Parts for 450

Hello everyone.I am pretty sure that i will be purchasing a yamaha 450 when the 07 model is released.I have been on honda for along time now but the blue bike has really got my attention.I just wonder about parts for it.Out of curiousity i looked up oem parts for both to compare and the yamaha was more expensive in every category.Do you guys have a cheaper place to shop?I hope that i get something figuered out cause this could keep me from buying one.I know that the radiators for the yamaha were a good 100 dollars more!Please post if you know of a good oem parts place for yamaha parts.Thanks for the help!

Zanotti Motors and the TT store are both "wholesale" dealers and have the best prices I have found, usually within a few dollars of each other.

What OEM parts do you expect that you'll need to buy, exactly? If you don't crash a lot, you won't be needing much for quite a while.

well i never expect to crash at all but it does happen.I crushed the radiator on my honda 450 and purchased a new oem one from YOT and it was 130 bucks.A radiator for a yamaha 450 is 297 dollars from Yot.This is what i'm talking about.Why is there such a huge difference between the two.SO this is why i started the thread.How can anyone afford a radiator at over 300 bucks a pop.Like i said this could keep me from buying one.

Send your radiator to Mylers.Also get some Works Connection Rad Cages before you even ride the bike.

I just did the Myler's thing with Junior's bike. The left radiator was twisted counterclockwise 45 degrees, both tanks dented, the inlet tube bent, and the frame broken free of the tanks in 3 places. I shipped it last Saturday. $90 and 4 days later (including the freight both ways), it's back on the bike. It doesn't look new, but it doesn't look bad at all, either. Hats off to them. :applause::D

There are 3 possible reasons why Yamaha stuff might be more expensive.

> They think they can get away with it (I doubt this, but I threw it in for the cynics and conspiracy theorists)

> They sell fewer units than Honda does of the CRF line, so the lower production volume raises the price.

> It's better stuff and is worth the difference.

You choose. :prof:

Well i just wish someone could find a place to get oem parts that are comparable to the hondas.

it's better!!! you are gonna love the yammie.. my buddy rode mine last weekend back to back with a cr450f, he said it was no contest the yammie was better in all categories. the honda was having carb issues also. i hate issues!! especially when they happen over big jumps...

TT has good prices on oem parts for yammies.Lets see if we can find alittle better.They have oem radiators for 183 bucks,surely we can find cheaper than that.

What OEM parts do you expect that you'll need to buy, exactly? If you don't crash a lot, you won't be needing much for quite a while.

my thoughts exactly..............

I'm just throwing it out there.I dont expect to have to buy alot of oem parts.Its just the thought of one big wreck might have me saving just to put my bike together.I didnt mean to offend anybody,its just something that im taking into consideration before i buy a yamaha.I thought by posting this someone on here would have the hookup with a good parts shop.I dont believe that this stuff just cost more just for the sake of costing more.There is gotta be a shop that sells stuff cheaper its just the matter of finding it.Thanks

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