TTR230 Engine Performance Mods

'Seen a lot of inquiries on what performance mods are available for the TTR230. Here's a few for those interested:


While they don't advertise mods for the TTR230 specifically, I contacted them. They do crank, flywheel, and hear porting services for the 230. They will also soon be providing details on a full 250cc upgrade.


Engines Only. Big bore kits, intake mods, headwork & camshaft mods, flywheel mods. They seem a bit more pricey than xtrememinis though, don't know if the services are better.

Web Cam Racing Cams. Call them first - they'll do camshaft work for the TTR225 which has the same engine as the 230 so you'll need to make sure.

There's still big gaps for other aftermarket parts, though. I guess in time those things will start surfacing as well.

thanks for the links, i might just have to look into that 250 kit when it comes out.

hey you should post this up in the ttr 225 mods thing cause its the same motor. This will help out many people.

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