New graphics

Got some new pimp graphics, check out my garage.

Those look good. Nice job

IT has showa suspension, get the KYB sticker off

where did u get them how much??

how the dr.d pipe?

Factory effex. Love Dr. D pipe. It is dumb having KYB fork stickers but they are staying until I visit my suspension guy.

IT has showa suspension, get the KYB sticker off

i agree

You should put a WP sticker on the rear shock res. to put the finishing touches on your bike..

OK fellas take it easy...they will be off very soon, just leaving them up for roost protection till my suspension guy puts his on. Hope every sticker on your bike also has the matching part located somewhere on it. Like your rear fender sticker...are you using all those products??? Don't be a hypocrite. The kyb came with the kit so I threw it least it gives you guys something to rag on and crack jokes. I can take the insults with the good or I wouldn't of offered it up lol

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