06 450 suspension set ups?

i was told that my new 450f is set up for 180-200 lb riders, and that i need new springs and revalving? i'm 160 lbs, novice rider.

my problems are hard cornering, bike's all over the place in choppy stuff and washes out in high, sandy(silty) corners.

last bike was a used crf450f with factory connection suspension (rider was approx. my weight but better rider). bike handled fine.

i did switch out the front tire to a dunlop 952 and am running 13 psi in both.

the bike does land well; i don't want to sacrifice that or really spend $700 plus in a pro-action suspension that i don't need?

anyone help?

I'm not an expert on bike setup but I am similar in size but more of a fast junior/slow intermediate. But all I did to my bike were some of the recommendations I found on here like lowering the forks to the first line and changing the front tire (this helped the cornering tremendously for me). You probably want to check your sag (do a search on the topic if you're not sure on how to do this) and with those changes I have not had any problems with my bike with a few clicker adjustments here and there for the track conditions. If you haven't had the bike for long the suspension may need some more breaking in, I noticed mine got better after 5 to 8 hours on it. Hope this helps!

yeah it does. i run a dunlop 952 front and stock rear. the bike's barely broken in too.

With proper springs first. Switch your front triple clamps to the applied 27mm clamps three hundred worth it bucks . leave the fork tubes flush. You will be stoked! I was .

I'm at about 160 with riding gear on and after letting the suspension settle in and setting the sag mine feels great.

To each his own, but regarding the applied triple clamps...didnt yamahaaction mag say they tested those on the 250 and 450 and liked them on the 250 but preferred the stock clamps on the 450?

I was told that the artical refered to a different offset. At that test mxa didn't have the 27mm yet. Another plus is that applied will release in july a lower bar mount that will accomidate a scotts damper (sub mount). A more settled balance and behavior. This was tested by three yz450o6 owners with different skill levels , and there was no reservation to dive the flat inside line. forks tubes flush was a must .The conditions were hard pack with marbles national track and sx track , with a worn set of dunlop RR. :applause:

i'm getting alot of GOOD non-suspension related advise, thanks guys!

what are my stock clamps? how would different clamps affect different riders, me?

oh, my forks were fluch and i moved them to the first line. are they supposed to come that way?

Starting with the free setup Items . Move the fork tubes up to the first line . This along with using front brake will steepen the fork angle and help the front to steer tighter. Leaving the front brake on lightly threw the apex + or - will also keep the front end down turning tight. This will help you with what you mentioned earlier. On the YZ450f 06 , If you are not setting on the tank using weight on the outside peg you will find consistantsy problems. When tired don't let the power drag you back off the front tire. SAG is free and is critical . It is the bikes ride height. It keeps the forks at the correct angle during acceleration and braking along with other things . Try 96mm over the rear axle. If you are 160 lb you need to have the correct springs in for all these weight transfers and angle changes to happen the way yamaha design the bike to behave. A excellent reference is Pro-Actions set up guide for pamping and sag. TIRE AIR PRESSURE ! Yes air psi is setup and suspension .Assuming there is no threat to pinch flat, start your tire air pressure at 12 psi front and rear. If your front tire slips alot drop it a pound to 11. Same with the rear. The real magic is the change them up and down to creat a neutral steer balance(10lb to 14lb range) non pinch flat riding. For your weight (16lb to 19lb) in pinch flat areas. Stock clamp offset is 24mm. In final dont be afraid to change or try things . Keep notes and be picky . The bike is fully adjustable . You bought it because it was the best so tap in to it. HD

thanks HD. my front tire is at 11 and rear is at 12 psi, my static sag is 38mm and my race sag is 92mm; although the guy at pro-action told me that my race sag means nothing because the rear spring is too stiff. he did give me some good advise that i followed about clicking out my suspension for the time being. i'll probably see him for the springs and revalving though. is there any upside to stiffer suspension?

Yes, if your into freestyle. Race sag is more important than static sag. With race sag the bike is at least close to the geometry intended. You can soften compression and slow rebound to keep your bike squated in the suspension stroke. As soon as your suspension tops out the wheel is not being pushed into the dirt and you now what that means in a turn. Top your tank off more often. Gas is weight. Your high speed compression when softened loweres the rear when riding. Keep forward in the turns . Make the front end dive .hold it down with a little front brake. These are all stiff spring remedies. You will be stoke after pro-Action. HD

HD, thanks. read and took your advice when i rode today. i did notice some changes b/c i tweeked my bike and others by compensating due to my stiff springs. however, my day was cut short due to a nasty day-ender. i got caught in a 8-10" rut and rode it for about 100 yds or so until i decided to hop out of it. BAD IDEA! let's just say that it took me about 4 minutes to read your last post. ya know, i was just telling my wife this morning how i hate riding new trails. to add insuly to injury, on the way home, my buddies called to see if i wanted to go to the track. life, she is a cruel cruel whore.

BTW, i have never loved my asterisks and 661 neck brace so much as i did today!

I hate to be to lazy to suit up completely. This story will be added to my pre ride motivation thoughts . Thanks for the feedback. HD

i was really considering not wearing armor today, that's scarry. thinking back, i barely remember riding down the trail for a mile or so. the only way i remember is because i lost it in a mud pit...again, then turned around.

i just got around to cleaning everything off, bike's ok, thankfully. isn't that the most messed up thing about us? forget about the fact that i can't focus my eyes. hahaha. there is a dent in my helmet though that i'm concerned about. right on the side, beneath my visor screw, it's all caved in. i'm pretty pissed. it'll take a whole other can of flat black paint to fix it. :applause:

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