Feeler Gauge on valves????

For some reason I can't find a feeler gauge small enough for my valves on my 450. All my gauges are too big anyone else have this problem??? Will try Napa and see if they have the right gauge just thought I’d see if I was the only one that has run into this.

I couldn't find a set of slim feeler guages anywere else so I just got a set off the Snap On truck.. they are way slimmer than the normal sized ones, and they fit the valves perfect. Cost me $9

Thanks I will be on the lookout for the truck if Napa does not have any.

You can just buy a standard set and cut them in half

I don't recall having any trouble fitting a standard gauge under any of the valves in the 450, although the 250F was another story. In that case, though, I simply took a pair of scissors to a standard gauge blade and trimmed it some 'til it fit. The trimmed edge is no problem, because that never goes between the parts anyway, if you use it right.

I've never had a problem with the feeler guages I have... the set I have is ancient and you can barely read the thickness of the guages, but they work great! :applause:

if you cut the feeler gauges in half, it will flaw the tolerances that they are at. i went to the yamaha dealer and got them to order me a set made by K&B tools(maybe thats their name) anyways, its the company of tools the dealership and yamaha uses. they were steep, (39 after tax) but i couldnt find any from the matco or snapon guy, they didnt even have them listed in their catalog. but ill pay the 39 instead of that god awful popcorn machine noise

cut them

So how is cutting them going to make the gauge slimmer I think the smallest I have is .24 MM and I need a .10-.15.

ohh, i thought you ment cutting them in half to make them narrower to be able to get them in between the cam lobes...keep lookin for the snap on guy

Car Quest had them but the guy had to sell me his own set in his tool box since they did not carry any that small.

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