Acerbis 6.6 fuel tank(05'-06') fits on 03'-04'

fits fine, rode with it today.

the balance of the bike doesnt feel significantly different.




How tall are you?

6 foot even.

good question, but i have no clue.

fits fine, rode with it today.

the balance of the bike doesnt feel significantly different. But it beats up my knees in rough sections.




I was waiting for your report on the tank, if it beats you up and your 6' I'm 6'2 so it might be a little worse on me.

Are you happy with it or do you think the 3.3 is a better fit?

Wow that thing is a monster! You must have enough gas for a whole weekend now. Where are you going with that thing? 40mpg X 6.6 gallons = 264 miles how close am I?

One other question, as far as beating up your knees. Are your knees hitting the tank or is it just the extra weight that's taking a toll on the knees? I'm going on a long riding trip in Mexico, so I could really use the extra gas.


wearing kneepads makes it a non issue.

I just tried to install my 6.6 tank on my 06 and it does not fit! 1st thing I noticed is that the right bottom bracket was touching the radiator hose. Ok, that can be fixed easy enough. The worst thing is that the seat doesnt fit. I cant use the screw to hold the rubber strap, the screw sticks too far up. Without it, when the seat slips on the top stud, the rear seat holes are about an inch too far back. Anyone got any ideas? Did I install it wrong? This is getting frustrating.

John in Vegas

Sorry you are not happy with it but thanks for the report on it. I can scratch it off my list. You going back to stock or something in the 3 gallon range?

ARin !

You have got PM.

NO I DONT! i just checked!

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