Zip Ty Pilot Screw

Those of you who have installed the Zip Ty pilot screw do you really need to remove the float bowl?

Shawn Speelman

2000 WR400

I installed the Storm Mix screw, same difference and you just pull the stock plug out and remove the stock screw and install the new one, not necessary to remove float bowl, i just tilted the carb out so I could get to it better.

Hope that helps. Mine is a 2005 WR 450 new this spring.

Oops, thought you were talking about the fuel mixture screw, sorry!!

Pilot screw, fuel mixture screw, same thing.

how do you get the plug out?

John in Vegas

The plug is just thin tin or aluminum with a small hole in it.

I small hook type spring tool, slid it thru the hole, turned it and pulled it out.

I did not remove the bowl to install the ZT screw but you will need to slide it back from the front boot because of the length of the screw.

Before removing the stock screw (or the ZT one in the future) lay a white clean rag under the area to catch the spring, washer and o-ring. Thye are verrrry small and needed for the ZT screw.

thank you

John in Vegas

It is a good idea to put silicone grease(plumber's grease) around the bottom o-ring on the Storm screw. The throat is tight and it will roll the o-ring out of the groove and wedge the screw when you put it in.


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