WR carb help please

Ive got my 06 carb pulled out to the side ready to take it apart to jet it but my question is what is the best way to get the pilot screw plug out?


John in Vegas

Got a pic? My '04 wr450 carb didnt have a anti-tamper plug, but i've seen plugs like this before. I once had to use a small drill but, and carefully drill into it very shallow like. then screwed in a sheet metal screw, then used vice grips to yank it out.

CAREFULLY take off the float bowl and push the anti-tamper plug out from the inside. Carefully means a good screwdriver, not the one you use as a drift punch. Make sure you are straight on the screw head. Use lots of down force. If you strip the head out, come back with an email and the forum will advise you on your next step. GOOD LUCK!!!!! :applause:

I tried to drill a shallow plug in the plug as described above, and the plug came out during the drilling, before I could even try to thread a screw into it! Piece of cake...


thanks, I just screwed a sheetrock screw in it by hand and it fell out. Now I up to my next problem (different post).

John in Vegas

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