Baja 500 story and pics

For those of you interested in a first time Baja race effort, we got the website updated with a race report (warning: Long Read) in the blog section and some cool photos that kind of tell the story (photo section). More to come.

The Good Lord blessed us and we all had the time of our lives!!

The XR650 took a lickin' and kept on tickin'. A thousand miles in one week including prerunning and the race with VERY few problems :applause:

Excellent pictures! You guys look like you had too much fun! What place did you take?

Cool write up. :applause: Bummer about all the crashing.

Good job Scott and Team!

Nice site too.

The initial results we found on Thumpertalk had us 16th in Sportsman, but the official results have us at 21st (out of 53 starters). I was hoping for top 20, but really our whole mentality was a finish was a win for us.

congrats to you guys team CORE. We were there with you all the way from Indiana on the 303X. I saw your sign on the road as I was on my way to Urapan all the way from Valle T east 190 something miles. Good to see that you were all standing at the finish.....and a finish is a win!!!! :applause:

Hi guys,I just read your page and checked out your photos from the race,

congrats!Not only did you field a team,prepped a bike and yourselves,but most importantly you had fun and included your families.You can see it in the article and the photos, I THINK THAT IS REALLY COOL!Baja races are getting bigger and bigger,I hope there are more teams like yours,the ones that appreciate BAJA.Keep up the good work,have fun.See you at the 1000.

Thanks! Great write up!

Congrats. How do like the White Brothers Exhaust? Is it a slip on? Loud/Quiet? Power spread?

RUSTYCLUTCH: We noticed down there that a lot of the teams see Baja racing as a "guys thing," leaving the women and children at home. For us, it's about doing it together and sharing the experience and the memories. We met others who saw it as a family deal, and that was refreshing. I can see how if you REALLY wanted to do well you would eliminate every distraction possible- but I hope I never start taking it that seriously.

TUGSY: The White Brother's pipe wroked well for us. We left the spark arrestor/core in. It was just a slip on and I can't say it gave us much more power than stock, but it was lighter and I like how it changed the power characteristics- made it feel a little more "electric" feeling; evened the power out a little.

I hope to have more content up on the website this week, some coool stories and some helmet cam video.


Great stuff! Congratulations to anyone who has ever crossed the finish line of a Baja 500/1000!!!.

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