Frame Rust-Skidplate bolt holes

I have an 06' WR450. Put an aftermarket skidplate on the bike. The original bolt holes on the frame are not plugged presently. I consistently get rust water coming out of the frame after the bike sits(post washing/ride). Stuff stains the bed of my truck(rhino liner) and freaks me out that my frame could be rotting from the inside. My approach was to plug the holes with metric bolts but I'd hate to have water trapped in there and rust things up further. Has anyone else had this problem?? Bike only has 200 miles on it... :applause:

there are drain holes for the tubes on the bottom near where the foot pegs mount. so no matter what you do there will be water getting in when you cross a river. and then draining out. basically your SOL for interior frame rust unless you pressurize it with pain on day one.

best thing to do is to fill the old skid plate holes with silicon and just deal with the little hones on the bottom. DON'T plug them!!!

Plug 'em....the holes are there so the welds don't blow out from the heat /pressure created during the welding process. Just make sure it's had plenty of time to dry out and the humidity is real low when you do.

You can blow out the holes with compressed air and then squirt some WD40 in there to displace the remaining water. Let it sit, blow it out again, then reapply the WD40...SC

Squirt fishoil into the frame. I had an XR which rusted through and cracked the frame so I did this on my new WR. If you don't it will weaken the frame eventually.

Thanks for the info guys. I think I'll go the fishoil/WD-40 route and just plug the OEM plate holes.

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