Well then let me live in the past.

A lot of WRF's that are a few years old are starting to hand grenade here in OZ.

If i want to live in recent history i will ride my cr500 and in a straight line blow the doors off any modern new fangled race bike.

I know what you are talking about as I own a XR650R :excuseme:

But I reckon the 450X, as tho other race bike, is a great bike, fast, easy to handle.

I guess Honda could add more oil and a more reliable engine, something like the DRZ400E and leave the CRF450R for mx and enduro race.

Roby i could buy a new CRF or CRF/X any time i want to but am happy with what i have.

The newer bikes that ride at my MX track shure they feel nice,the missus has a 06 KXF250 the eldest boy has an 06 crf250 06 450's and 250's come here all the time but the 500 is king and the way i have set up my xr650 it rocks around my track as it is a sandy power robbing track the big girl feels like a BIG MX bike.

No like you say i am happy to live in the past.

Then it depends on the track: I live close to the Alps and trails here are tight and steep then there are some "tractor trails" where the BRP is really fun!

I enjoy my BRP as I use it even on mountains pavement roads and there is really hell-on-wheels :excuseme:

I hope all brands will go back soon to the XR philosophy...

No like you say i am happy to live in the past.

If it ain't broke.....don't fix it! :excuseme:

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