YZF for trail riding????

I currently have a WR450 (2005). I really like this bike but someday I'll be in the market for a new one and I was just wondering about the YZF's for trail riding. My brother rides a YZF426 and he goes anywhere with it but he's an awesome rider. I've ridden his bike and I love the close ratio tranny while accelerating but first gear is too high for me. I'd have trouble in the tight stuff

and would be stalling it all the time. Another friend just got an 02 YZF426 and he's having a lot of trouble stalling and keeping the thing upright, he's going to gear it down. I honestly don't feel the extra weight of my WR all that much while I'm riding, although I know it's a lot heavier. I really don't care about lights either. Not sure I could give up that grey button though. The YZF's are just so darn sleek and light, I love them. By just gearing them down can you achieve the lugging capabilities of the WR or do you have to change the flywheel? Don't want to ruin the top end either. Let's hear from some YZF trail riders.

I came off of a WR to a 2006 YZ 450 and it's been a great experience. Just a few more things to do to it and it will be perfect. I rode CISCO'S '06 450 last night with an 18" rear wheel, a GYTR flywheel weight and lower gearing. To me, it felt like a WR that went on a serious diet.

What's great about the YZ over the WR is how much less work it is riding it. It seems that I can ride A LOT longer on the YZ :applause:


I love my 06 LE on the track and in the woods. MY conversion from track dominator to woods intimidator takes only 30 - 40 min. I switch my bars out that already have the bark busters and cut to 29 inch and change my front sprocket down 1 tooth and I'm ready for the goat trails.

My YZ426 is the best all around bike that I've owned. It does MX very well and handles trails good too. I have factory gearing and like it for the most part. My Rekluse auto-clutch keeps me from stalling and keeps the power right where I need it.

Will my next bike be a YZF or a WR? Thats a tough one. I like the fact that the WR has the button and that I could hard wire my GPS too. But, I'm not too crazy about the extra weight, 18 inch rear wheel, and softer suspension. Its a toss up.

I've just made the switch from a KTM 525 MXC, which has electric start, to a YZF. I don't know what year YZF you plan on purchasing, but the new ones start so stinking easy that you won't miss the e-start, at least I don't miss it on the YFZ. I sure missed it the one trip when the e-start quit working on the KTM though. That KTM could be a real bugger to start at times.

I rode a YZ 426F on the trails for 5 years, now I have an 06 450F. I love my YZ's in the woods, and with only a few tweaks you can make them great. Lower gearing is a first and must on the 426, stock is way too high for steep or slippery stuff. Flywheel weights are a good idea if you ride in a lot of really technical stuff, I never had one on my 426 but wished I did a few times. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you make the switch.

My 426 has a flywheel weight, and low gearing and I love it in the woods. I ride mostly single track and have had no issues since going down a tooth in the front and up 2 in the back. Wouldnt mind the button though! Who would???

Does anyone know what the 1st gear ratio on a WR is?

I've ridden a YZ426 and YZ450 in the woods. Honestly they have both been good woods bikes. I wouldn't hesitate to go with either one. Either way, you will want to gear them down and soften the suspension. A heavier flywheel would also be a good idea.

BTW where do you ride? I'm in Great Falls and ride mostly in the Little Belts and some in the Bozeman area as well.

I love my 426 on trails and hills. Right now the suspension need some major tuning but once that is done if will be AWESOME. I geared it down to 13/51 and put wrap around hand guards unabiker rad braces and a masssive Moose skid plate and it is a kick ass machine

Does anyone know what the 1st gear ratio on a WR is?
A WR450 1st gear is roughly 2.4:1, IIRC.
BTW where do you ride? I'm in Great Falls and ride mostly in the Little Belts and some in the Bozeman area as well.

I ride all around Helena, all directions and Lincoln.

Javelin....awesome looking bike!!!

I ride an 04 yz450f. I really like it. I will make some changes to the powerband as this bike really rips. I am in good shape and the bike, I must admit, wears me out in the trails. I put a GPR stabilizer on it which has helped. I may put a different flywheel on it or put a power now device in the carb. I like the stock exhaust and will not change it as they are expensive. The yz can be a competent off-roader but needs to have changes made.

I would like to smooth out the powerband to my 04 yz450f. Bike is good but wears me out on the trails. Thinking about a power now device for the carb or a flywheel (heavier). Any thoughts on this?

Power Now, Power pffffffff. Just my humble opinion, no scolding from my fellow YZingers please.

These bikes run like a scalded cat box stock. Don't waste your fun tokens on that Power Now.

I have the same '04 as you.

To make it more woodsey, bark busters, drop a tooth to a 13 on the front, and keep the stock tooth count on the rear. I added the 16oz Stealthy bolt on flywheel (no, I don't miss the snap what so ever-can't tell much difference), a Rekluse, a Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrester for the stock can, and have it sprung and valved for your weight.

Do this and grin.


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