little help please giys

Hiya guys, I need a little help if possible.......'05 WR450F all free mods except grey wire plus fuel screw and DEP enduro end can, air box snorkel and r/h side holes...... I have set cab up like this....45 to 60 degrees: 170 main, #4, 48 Pilot, 1.75 turns. I am from England UK and ride at about 500ft above sea level(150-160 mtrs) mostly temperature is in the above range although hotter at the moment.

Now low speed and throttle to half way all okay, but where I notice a problem is the road ride I have to do to find off road fun, at half throttle and over if at constant throttle when I open throttle to accelerate there is a delay(doesnt pick up quickly) and then all of a sudden whoosh there it is.

All help greatly received . Thanks JayJayUK

try a different needle!!

Did ya search all te jetting threads? I know there's a ton of them, but the answer is in there! I had to play ALOT with the accelerator pump to get the bog to go away. I had the carb completely off to check the amount of "squirt" that comes out of the accelerator pump when the throttle is opened quickly. There's a cover on the right side of the carb that has the accelerator pump timing screw. With this cover off, you can watch the linkage actuate the pump. Play with the timing screw, keep track of how many turns you move it. Try anti-clockwise first.

Just raise the needle to #5 for the moment.

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