06 WR450F gets hot

06 WR450F gets smoken hot doing slow 1st gear technical trails, sounds like a little tee pot. Had to stop to cool down 3 times on a 4.4 mile section. Any one else have the same problem? Any ideas that might help?

Mods: Throttle Pin for YZ and exhaust

do all the free mods and jet it.

then lower the gearing if your slipping the clutch too much. i think most of the heat is coming from slipping the cluth!! the same low speed section should be fine if you can ride it with out using the clutch so much. i don't over heat mine any more at all!!! and i used to!!

Is your 'coolant recovery system' hooked up and working properly??

Got the bike home flushed the coolant and refilled then drained the oil and replaced. Coolant overflow does transfer back and forth.

First post about the clutch may be dead on. This trail was a bitch.

I too noticed mine doing the same thing.....I wish i had a temp sensor or light even, maybe an electric overheat fan?

Cover the bottom of you rad with heat reflective tape (2 layers) as it helps protect the rad from the heat coming of the header, go have a look how close the header is to the rad.

Good Idea..........

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