need help adjusting valves

I've taken everything off to start the job, I have a question though.

when the motor is at TDC of the compression stroke and the valve train is

"at rest" (a little play on both intake and exahaust), I can still "lift" the rocker

arms slightly on both in and exh. sides from their "at rest" position.

The question is.... is this tiny bit of extra lift included in the gap required?

or do you have to set the gap while leaving the extra lift there??

Thanks in advance.

That "lift" is the gap. When the valve is set to spec. and the proper sized feeler guage is inserted, the "lift" should be gone.

Thanks HawkGT, I was hoping that that was the case, couldnt imagine trying

to compensate for it :applause:

Well, wish me luck then, here goes .... is it true that the first time is the best :prof:

heres another thing, I'll have to loosen the radiators to do the exhaust side, there is no way my hands

will fit in there. :D

Okay, it's done.... BRP's back to starting first kick again. :D

I changed the oil and filter after taking it for a test run.

Sounds like a sewing machine again.... smoooth.

It takes longer to put all the crud back on the bike than setting the tappets.

Maybe it was beginners luck, but it was pretty easy.

Thanks for the help. :applause:

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