maintaining your bike

For the first few years of owning my bike I was pretty slack with following the scheduled maintenance. I'd change the oil and clean the air filter (on occasion) but that was about it. I thought the manufacturers were over zealous with the schedule so they could sell more stuff. I'd rationalize the situation too. I'd say to myself "I didn't ride that hard" or "it wasn't very dusty out" so I can wait a little longer. I'm not too proud of the thought process, but that was how it worked out for me.

I started to realize how important the maintenance was after talking with my experienced riding friends and discovering all the great information on TT. I took the bike to the shop to be serviced. After a receiving a $500 bill and having my bike in the shop for a week, I was motivated to do the work myself.

I hate reading directions and prefer learning by watching someone that knows what they're doing. There weren’t any video’s available on DIY maintenance so I decided to talk to my mechanic about making some bike specific DVD’s. He agreed and Motopower Video Productions, LLC was created.

There are currently 15 DVD’s that cover over 2500 Yr/Make/Model bikes. Most of the DVD’s are specific to a particular model and a few are generic like the carburetor tune-up DVD and Basic Maintenance DVD. The DVD’s cover Fork Maintenance, Shock Maintenance, Valve Adjusts, Top Ends, and more.

The mechanic doesn't assume that you know anything about wrenching. He starts by removing the first bolt and ends with replacing it. Most DVD’s contain a description of how the unit operates too. So if you prefer watching a DVD and using your service manual as reference, you may want to look us up at


I recently got the Valve Adj. video and was very pleased. I'm going for the fork maintainace one next. Right On!!

For any of you guys that pay for someone else to service your suspension, YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY!!! :prof:

I have seen Marty's Showa and Kayaba suspension video's. As Marty stated, these video's go from spinning the first bolt off, to snugging it up wrapping up your maintenance / repair.

Why would you pay someone else to do a job that you can easily perform yourself? :applause:

You can always start out like I did: my first car, checked out in great condition by my brother the SUPER MECHANIC, had a cracked block, and a soon-to-die transmission. I spent what little money I had on my car, and now had to repair it myself. I had zero clue how to do it, and no one to show me. With lots of bruises, broken tools, cussing, extra parts left over :D and an unhappy father with his oil covered garage floor, it was back together...(it never did run right!!!)

Marty's video's show you step by step how to COMPLETELY remove and disassemble, in my case the Kayaba or Showa forks and shock. I have never disassembled a shock, but with Marty's video, I would not even hesitate.

With the new twin chamber forks, I'd be boxing up my forks for the trip to the suspension guru for an oil change.

Marty's video's remove that "unknown factor" we all have the first time we try working on anything! It does suck walking into a fogbank with no clue.

Personally, I can't say enough good things about Marty's Video's.

Doing your own work raises your confidence in yourself as a REAL backyard mechanic, and opens doors to repairing other things that you would have never opened before.

Thanks for the nice comments, Kevin.

When Motopower started, we (incorrectly) thought most people would be interested in the more technical procedures like rebuilding a shock or forks. However, were finding that most people start with with the basic maintenance, valve adjust, and carb-tune up DVD's and then get the suspension/Top End DVD's. I think the take-away is that the DVD's are confidence builders.

What DVD would you like to see next?

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